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 A day in the life of a Knightwood Pre      schooler...

At Knightwood Preschool we are comitted to ongoing communication with parents. Below is a snapshot of a day in the life of a Knightwood Preschooler on one sunny day in August.....

Free Play and Settling in Time


Free Play is very important for the children to explore their own ideas and imagination with their friends.


The children play in the book and home corners which are permanantly in place in the setting.  They can then choose from a variety of free play activities which we vary every day.  On our 'snapshot' day the children could choose to play with cutting and sticking (developing pencil and scissor skills ready for school), lace up cards (developing fine motor skills), car mat and cars (role play and motor skills) and small world (role play and fine motor skills).


Healthy Snack Time


On our snapshot day, the children had a snack of raisins, strawberries, grapes and water.


Circle Time


Circle time is a really important time in the preschool day. We talk about our current topics, take the register and sing counting and alphabet songs as well as some of the childrens favourites.  Sitting in a circle and listening to an adult and each other helps the children when they start school as they are used to gathering together to interact and listen.

Activity Time (Adult led)


Every day we have a different activity, this could be an art activity, or cooking, or an outside adventure!


On our snapshot day we went for a walk around the preschool setting to collect items for our woodland sensory bottles.  We found wood, lichen, grass, daisies, feathers and stones.  We put these together into our sensory bottles and asked questions such as 'do you think this stone will float or sink'?  The children loved this activity and enjoyed taking home their bottles to show their family.



Outside Play


On our snapshot day the children went into the enclosed space on the tennis courts to play on the bikes and scooters.

Lunch Time


The children bring their own healthy lunches into preschool and sit at the table and eat with their friends.


Story Time


Adult led story time, we choose stories on a wide variety of subjects and try to relate these to our current topics.  On snapshot day the story was 'There are Dinosaurs in the Supermarket' which the children really enjoyed.


Naps & Free Play


Our younger children have their naps whilst the older children have quiet free play.  All the free play activities are changed to ensure variety for the children throughout the day


Afternoon Activity (Adult led)


On snapshot day the afternoon activity was lemon and orange printing.  We talked about the different patterns the fruit would make, the colours of the fruit and sang the nursery rhyme 'Oranges and Lemons'. This was a great activity for imagination, creativity and relating to the world around them.  When we were finished we made a new display for the wall in the pre-school.  The children love to see their work displayed and we love to look at it too!

Outside Activity - Singing in the Woods


On this particular snapshot day we went into the woods to sing songs and play games.  We sang lots of different nursery rhymes, the children chose their favourites and then we sang songs with actions before finishing up with role playing, we were all pretending to be different woodland animals!

Parent Testimonials:


'My Daughter goes to this playschool 2 days a week and she comes out happy, tired, intelligent little girl, she is learning constantly and all the ladies who look after her are fab.  Couldnt wish for a better play school.'



My twin girls have only been going since the beginning of January 2015.  It is very friendly and you are made to feel welcome.  My girls love going there and come home with pictures most days.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.'



'My son loves it here. The staff are friendly and caring and do such exciting and interesting activities with the children. We are always updated with what the children have been doing and there are always photos to see which is lovely. Would highly recommend'



'Absolutely,the best pre school ever! Staff are awesome and all the kids are happy. Would recommend Knightwood to anyone xxx'



'Lovely Pre-School with lovely staff, my son has got so much more confidence since starting, they were also very helpful with him settling in as he had never been left before.  They were also brilliant support to help me as well!'



'My son absolutely loves it here! All the staff are friendly and make my son feel so welcomed and at home. He is always coming home with so much to tell me about his day!'




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